The Top 8 Nutrition Questions Answered For You

1) True of False: You should be consuming 3-5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily.

False. The Recommended Daily Intake of fruits and vegetables is 5-10 servings.

2) True or False: Due to the use of industrial strength pesticides and over-farming the nutrient content of fruits and vegetables sold today is decreasing at an alarming rate?

True. This means even if you were to eat 10 servings of fruits and vegetables a day you may still not be getting enough vitamins and minerals in your diet. 

3) True or False: Stress, dieting, injury and illness create a greater demand by the body for vitamins and minerals?

True. Lack of proper nutrition places even greater stress on the body which can lead to serious health problems.

4) True or False: Every year there are 14 million cases of preventable heart disease, 1.2 million preventable causes of cancer, more than half a million preventable strokes and 2500 babies are born every year with neural tube defect that could have been prevented by one simple vitamin?

True. Needless to say, nutrition plays a major role in determining our susceptibility to certain diseases.

5) True or False: By improving nutritional practices 89 million dollars could be saved in annual health care costs?

. Actually, it’s 89 billion. Yes, that’s right, billions - with a B.

6) True or False: The Council for Responsible Nutrition recommends that all health professionals should be providing sound scientific information and should be suggesting a long-term regular use of a vitamin and mineral supplement?

True. The American Dietetic Association suggests similarly in their Dietary Guidelines. 

7) True or False: Studies and surveys suggest those that augment their diet with dietary supplements tend to pay more attention to their overall health and nutrition and tend to lead healthier lifestyles as a result?

. People who follow a sound nutrition plan know that nutritional products and supplements do not take the place of whole food. Rather they know these products “fill in the gaps.”

8) Can a whole food multi-nutrient complex fill in the nutrient “gaps”, optimize function, protect health, and help prevent disease for about $1 a day?


The 8 questions in the article pinpoint areas where you could be lacking—nutritionally.   And usually one of the top ones is:


Eating enough FRUITS and VEGETABLES.  As you know, I am a 20+ year dietitian who see this in my practice daily.   My clients spend tons of money per month on expensive doctor’s visits…personal training sessions…and yes, even to come see me.


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